A Venture Studio Built for A Rapidly Changing World

Revenue Acceleration, Product Strategy and Development. Recruitment for difficult to fill positions.

What we can help you with

The ingredients to help your startup succeed


Web3/Crypto Engineering Talent Acquisition

Growth and Sales talent in Asia, North America and Europe

Data Science and Data Engineering Talent

Offshore Team Setup and Payroll Processing

Revenue Acceleration

Full Growth Setup with Bitbaza.io Platform for B2B/B2C/DeFi

Video Content - Scripting (includes research), Shooting, Acting, Editing and Distribution

SEO and Content Velocity - High Quality well researched Technical Articles for Crypto/web3/AI/B2C projects

Product Development

Complex Software Engineering (web3, AI, scalable web technologies)

User Testing, Performance and Vulnerability Testing

UI and UX Design 

Product Management

Product Research

Market and Competitor Research

GTM Strategy Building

Hi, I am Suraj Venkat, CEO and Founder of Aten Ventures Studio 

Through my years as an active member of the global technology startup circuit, I have understood in great detail the reasons why some startups succeed and others don't.

As a practioner of my own learnings, I am growing Bitbaza.io a growth platform powered by AI, profitably, sustainably and responsibly! I would love to help you achieve what you desire from your startup whether that is market domination or freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

Our pricing is not very expensive and within reach of most startups globally. But for exact pricing, please schedule a call and we can discuss.

Do you give money back guarantee?

Yes, outcome and satisfaction guarantees are typically given based on the nature of deliverables. If you are not happy, we don't want your money.

How many startups have you worked with?

12 startups at various stages and in each we created a different impact. Every startup has it's own strength and weaknesses. What matters is diagnosing weaknesses and filling in the gaps which is what we do best.

Let's build the future together